Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is our latest letter to our prayer/support team. Wanted to fill you in...

To Our Dear Support Team,

Kassie usually sends out these letters in much more poetic prose than I am capable of, but this month I am taking the opportunity to write you all. I apologize if this is a little more lengthy than usual.
Three years ago, in May 2008, Kassie and I committed to the process of planting a church here in Asheville. Soon after many of you came on board with us through your prayers and finances. As you have probably inferred from some of Kassie’s last reports, we have been going through some painful, but necessary transitions. The short story is that key members of our team have had to move on from the project. We are fortunate that these transitions have been full of the grace of God and that relationships are still in tact. In conjunction with these significant transitions in our core community, we have also lost significant financial backing for our work. The end result is that Kassie and I have to create a new strategy for continuing our ministry here in Asheville.
We have three primary next steps: get healthy, maintain the relationships we have with our seeking community, and establish a more substantial bi-vocational career that will pay our salary and still give us time to minister in Asheville. Kassie and I are currently entering a season where we will take the next year to have our baby, begin a new career for Pete, rest in an established congregation, and continue to invest in the lives of our seeking friends. We will not currently be leading a church planting team, but will be building for another attempt in the future. This plan has the support of our management team and Stadia, our planting organization.
We are writing to ask for your continued prayer and financial support over this next year as we follow the Lord in reshaping our ministry path here in Asheville. Your prayers will be vital in helping us apply learnings from this experience to our continued life of ministry. Your financial support will allow us to maintain our insurance and have a very small stipend, while Pete takes on construction projects and begins night school for EMS training. Your support will help Kassie and I continue to invest in the lives of people who need Jesus here in Asheville as we work towards seeing a new church formed in this city.
We are hoping to establish a monthly minimum of $1000 to allow us to maintain our insurance and have some resources to continue to give time and energy to our community. If those of you who are currently giving monthly are willing and able to maintain your contributions, we will continue to receive approximately $900 a month. We are asking that you please consider continuing consistent giving. For those of you who have blessed us with intermittent gifts, we are so grateful, and would ask that you would consider making a small monthly commitment to help us bridge this gap to our monthly goal.
I will close by simply saying “thank you, thank you, thank you.” We could never express what you have meant to us in this journey. Not just your finances, but your prayers and words of encouragement have propelled us onward in many challenging times. We are hopeful that you will continue to provide us with the same encouragement as we move forward in the Lord’s work here in Asheville.

Pete, Kassie, and Baby

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