Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here he is. Whistler. The name originally came to mind because he sort of whistles when he whimpers, and it stuck because of our fondness for mountains! Whistler showed up in our yard after following our neighbors home for a block or so. He only had a metal choke collar on- no tags. We quickly took him to our vet to see if he had a microchip in hopes to reunite him with his owner. No such luck. The vet guessed he is between 2 and 3 years old and is some sort of hound mix. (That can be said of most stray dogs in western North Carolina!) I just love his curly, hound tail.

We've had Whistler for a couple of weeks now. No, we are not keeping him, but have been trying to decide how to find this regal, athletic canine a home. After taking him to the shelter to fill out a "found dog" report and putting him up on two other "lost animal" websites, his owner has yet to find/claim him. We are, however, happy to have registered him with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue here in Asheville. In fact, it is located just a few roads away from us. It is an amazing non-profit organization committed to creating a no-kill community. Brother Wolf adopted out almost 2,000 animals last year- more than the Buncombe county's animal shelter. That is amazing, and we respect them so much for their work.

If their adoption rate holds, Whistler will only be in our home for another week or so. Then a space will open up for him to join the pack at the shelter until he is found by his "forever" home.

Just wanted to share his sweet face with you.

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