Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Fest

Canvas welcomed 40 or so of our friends to a Fall Fest! We enjoyed painting pumpkins and faces, playing yard games, singing around a bonfire and busting open a pinata! Oh, and we all brought our favorite Fall dish to share. We really had a great time, and are very thankful for this gorgeous season. Though we are just as thankful to share it with such wonderful people in our lives.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Party

We are getting ready for a Fall Party Canvas (our church) is throwing! We are so excited!!! The kids will paint the pumpkins above, have their faces painted, drizzle caramel over apples, collect goodies from a pinata and play on the beautiful property that belongs to our friends, Todd and Lindy. They have a 170-year-old farm house- complete with a garden teeming with Fall crops, a small apple orchard, and thick, gnarly grape vines sprawling into the distance. We normally gather together, as a church, in their home. Today, we're gathering there for a party! We'll be celebrating the season. Fall- in all its God-given glory.
We are expecting a huge turn-out from our friends and local loved ones. It will be an interesting, eclectic group of Ashevillians. Hopefully we have enough apple cider, chili, etc... for the crew! Anyways, I just wanted to share with you our anticipation.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

preparing for foster kids

Random pictures, right? Yeah. We recently purchased a few place settings for kids that may be staying with us temporarily. I just wanted to share that we are nearing the end of the process for becoming North Carolina foster parents. I feel like we have been saying that for a while now, but we really are near the "end"! We have gone through several months of training, gotten our home inspected by the fire marshall as well as our agent, been fingerprinted, and ran through the databases in Montana, Oregon and NC to make sure we weren't criminals. Don't worry, we passed. :)
All that is left: physicals and our final home visit. We are on the home stretch. Pun intended.

As soon as we complete things on our end, our application will be sent to the Western NC licensing agent to consider us as bonafide (sp?!) foster parents. Though we have dedicated a lot of time, energy and emotion into the process thus far, there is a lot more to give.

apple pie and Red June

We recently attended a CD release party for the local acoustic band Red June. Our friend, Will, generously gave us a copy of their debut album "Remember Me Well" a couple of months back; and it has barely been removed from our player since. They are incredibly talented musicians, featuring the steel guitar, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, etc...

Which leads me to the debut of my apple pie crisp thing. We were happy to attend their potluck celebration meal prior to their concert, and we were asked to contribute a pie. I don't really make pies. I don't really make a lot of things, and especially not pie. But I was up to the challenge! Essentially, it was a mound of apples, sugar, brown sugar, butter and flour atop a buttery, walnut crust. It actually looked and smelled better than it tasted. Regardless, how can one seriously go wrong with sugar and butter? I mean really. Anyways, it was quite an adventure for me (Kassie).

Be sure to check out Red June's site! It hails their sound as, "...versatile and original as the musicians themselves; they touch on bluegrass, roots rock, and traditional country music with powerful harmonies, innovative songwriting and expert musicianship. "