Sunday, September 26, 2010



We all seem so affected by this season- and I promise not to ramble. There is just something about it. Georgia Tech football games call the tv to our attention. Pete's new textbooks open and crack. And my long-sleeve drawer is no longer ignored. Ultimately, however, there is a new energy in the air- and the best way I know how to describe it is "togetherness". It just seems like the adventures of vacation, and folks running here to there to see family while kids are out of school, are settling down. We are all quietly filing into more of a routine. Our eyes turn toward one another once again. The idea of "daily" seems more possible.

I hope ya'll are finding what you need as another season of all our lives makes it's welcome.

By the way, the above photos are a nod to the apple butter we got to make with our friends Todd and Lindy. Their property holds a handful of apple trees that have been incredibly bountiful this year.