Friday, April 30, 2010

care bags

Last Sunday, the team enjoyed putting together care bags for folks who are passing through town. Asheville has so much transient traffic. A lot of this is due to having major highways that run North, South and East to West. It is also well known among the transient crowd as a sure place to receive 3 meals a day and shelter. Mom Morton came across this idea of care bags for those we come across on the streets. She got together a handful of items that an individual may need for a day: snacks, new socks, a personalized note, stationary and a stamp to help them contact a loved one. We will continue to add to the stash with things like toothbrushes, bottled water, a list of resource centers in the area, etc...

We are happy to provide a little assistance and hopefully loads of encouragement as we encounter people passing through!

the hunt is on

Aren't these kids adorable?! Our co-leaders at Canvas are currently living in an apartment complex in West Asheville and had a great idea to lead an Easter Egg Hunt there. A lot of kids showed up... in fact, they kept coming! We had to have 3 hunting sessions when all was said and done. It was a lot of fun! As the summer season sets in, we are spending a lot of time grilling out in the middle of the complex- meeting lots of young families.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Make a Home from Rented House

Another day is almost done at 200 Bartlett Road.

Pete and I have enjoyed this stop on our journey for many reasons. Among them, we've enjoyed living with Pete's parents and the way they can make a house a home. We've enjoyed the adventures in gardening as we've battled cucumber beetles and the reality of too much rain. We've enjoyed being snowed in, the glow of the wood stove, the endless shades of green this hill can offer. Scout lived her last days here- pouncing in the river, laying on the wooden floor beside our bed to protect us. We had no idea this would be her last stop.
Unfortunately, after 17 months, I just figured out the best way to arrange our living room furniture! But really, that means it's about that time to move again.

On Pete's 21st birthday, he was moving for the 21st time. That was 10 years ago. I lived in 2 houses the entirety of my life prior to college. Since our marriage of 5 years, we have set up house in 7 different structures (and I use that term loosely:) Seriously, Pete and I often wonder why our friends and family didn't stage an intervention at the Buckingham house. The mold in fact, "really was that bad"!
8 if you count our vehicle which housed us for the majority of our first summer married.
We have had such an adventure together...
And we are moving again.

We are so happy to be moving closer to the city of Asheville. We will find ourselves surrounded in the relationships we are desperately attempting to steward. We will be making four walls a home in the sweet, quaint Oakley community. It is way too close to Target's Dollar Aisle as well as the Screen Door (a local antique store), but we will make due.

We will head out of Weaverville May15th, so the move is on its way! A nod to "Mushaboom" lyrics..."I've found a man to stick it out, to make a home from rented house! Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh!

We have a lot of life planned for the next stop... chickens, a community garden, artistic endeavors. Time will prove what will unfold of our adventures there. We'll be sure to keep you updated!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nori's Dedication

We recently had the privilege of attending our niece's dedication at my home church in GA. My Dad and Pete conducted the event, reminding us as a family and their church community of our responsibility to continue to point Nori to the truth, love and grace of God. Nori was absolutely beaming. She just smiled at the crowd and basked in her moment!