Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We are excited to announce that the website for the church plant is live!

Over the next few weeks, the site will really fill out with different multi-media elements, and the social network site will also come into fruition. We are very thankful to our friends and fellow brothers and sisters who have donated their time and artistic talents to get this endeavor off the ground.

Also, last Sunday was our official launch! After Pete wonderfully encouraged us all to be a part of God's Kingdom movement (however that may look like), he presented the vision and practical next steps of Canvas to our home church here in Asheville. Pastor Shannon invited members to join our efforts. A hand full of people responded, eager to learn more about how to become involved.

With this, we really need your prayers. Please pray that Pete and I and other team members will know how to effectively and consistently communicate the next steps of Canvas. Please also pray for wisdom. Pete especially feels the importance (and weight) of shepherding this new community. Please pray for divine direction from God whom we are continuing to trust. We are meeting with those interested in becoming the Canvas community the next 2 Sundays.

Lastly, as church responsibilities are revving up, so are school demands. We kindly ask for your prayers helping us balance our work load.

With joy and thanksgiving,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Happening

Just wanted to give an update about the happenings of the church plant. We have been working very hard to complete the website, and it is set to "go live" this weekend!

Also, Pete will be sharing the vision of the plant with our pastor interview style this Sunday at church. Please pray that all of the details of vision presentation will come together smoothly. We are praying for wellness/health, for sharp minds and unity among us in order to affectively communicate. We are trusting that the Lord will continue to do what He has been doing- making it all happen. The following 2 Sundays will be gatherings of those who are interested in becoming the church plant community. During these gatherings, we will be diving deeper into the vision and fleshing out what being a part of this church plant means. We pray and trust that the Lord will guide who He wants to be the core, committed community members. This foundation is so important.

There is a lot more to say, but as always, your prayers and support are appreciated. It is all happening, and we are along for the ride... doing our best to keep our heads above water!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

seeing the unseen

If you are in the Asheville area within the next few weeks be sure to check this exhibit out!

We attended the opening last night and want to direct as many people to this body of work as possible. We had the privilege of speaking with artist Dona Barnett. She was more than happy to discuss her collection of mixed media pieces. This particular body featured crows, which to her represent humans: they live communally, in family units and are always looking for "shiny" things- things that are temporarily satisfying. As the conversation unfolded, we learned that we shared the Christian faith. She has an amazing gift to put into visual, tangible representation ideas such as "the eternal" and "now and not yet".

Like I said, check it out if you can!
Location: Asheville Area Arts Council
Dates: Sept. 4-27
Gallery is open Tues. –Sat. 10am - 7pm and Sun. 1pm-6pm