Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

I have my first exam Monday, Labor Day (appropriate I guess : ) at 2:30.  Please pray if you get a chance.  Thanks, Pete

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aug 26th

Wow, I cant believe that it has been almost 3 weeks since my last update.  I am just going to make a list for you guys to keep this short and sweet so you do not get bogged down in a lot of reading. So here goes!

- We celebrated our 4th anniversary this month and had an amazing day.  We decided to celebrate by spending time and not money this year since all these transitions we are taking a lot of time away from each other.  We had an amazing day hiking and talking and just catching up on the highlights from year 4 and dreams for 5.  We agreed it was our best anniversary yet and decided to make spending time instead of money our new anniversary tradition.  (not that Kassie is going to argue with some flowers and nice dinner! : )
-On that same note.  We have just moved into a new season of celebrating our life and marriage together.  God has been so faithful in using us in each others lives to meet so many needs that have come about emotionally and spiritually in this new season.  It has been such an encouragement for our marriage to rise to the occasion under new pressures.  Pray this continues with the long academic and ministry road ahead.
-ALL OUR SUPPORT HAS COME IN! Man it is amazing to see how so many of you have given of your finances so that we can have this scholarship!  If people are able to follow through with their commitments, we will be able to maintain the scholarship for 3yrs!  Amazing! THANK YOU ALL FOR GIVING IN  SO MANY WAYS! 
-I am really enjoying Greek.  Such a gift that it is coming to me with such joy.  It is a lot of work, and hard, but so rewarding and motivating.  The Lord is really ministering to me as I study this language, it has been so spiritual and I love it.  

-Continue to pray for Greek!  I have my first test Monday and though I love learning this material I am still behind where I need to be.  Pray I can catch up and be ready for the first test.
-Pray for energy.  I have been very tiered lately with some long study and work days.  
-Pray for us financially as a whole.  God is meeting our needs and showing us so much about stewardship and resources.  It is an amazing season of faith that he has given us AMAZING peace in.  We still live in that faith that I am going to get a weekend project or we will get a photo shoot just at the right time to meet our need for the day.  

FYI: I will not be driving to Charlotte this semester for classes.  During orientation two weekends ago I realized I have to take two classes that I was not planning to take.  They are easily taken online and have to be completed in my first year, so I am switching my schedule around to work from home until February 2009.  That will be good for us in a lot of ways.  It will save us gas money and let be more involved in weekend photo shoots and construction opportunities.  

Well that is enough for you to read in one sitting!  Hope you are all well and we would love to hear from you any time....Pete (for Pete and Kassie) 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is just a huge expression of thanks to all of you. I just got an email update from the scholarship with an update on the status of the financial contributions. It is so overwhelming to see the support coming in and feel you guys loving and caring for us this way. Your prayers and giving are just amazing to us. At the risk of sitting here and blubbering on and on trying to find the words to say "thank you" I will trust that you can feel our gratitude. So "THANK YOU!"

On the academic front. I am well on my way with Greek and I LOVE IT! Your prayers are being answered in that way as well. I am not far into the study, but enough to know that I am going to enjoy it. My first exam is in a couple of weeks, and I have several chapters to go to be ready. A lot of ground in a short amount of time, so please pray.

Kassie is in Atlanta the rest of this week with her family and doing photo shoots. I will be headed to Charlotte Friday through Saturday for orientation. I am pumped about being on campus again and getting to meet folks. Pray for our travels while we are apart.

I have to get in the habit of writing on a more regular basis. I think I am just going to send a short note and then I get long winded with all the things I want to tell you (a pastor in the making I guess!) Feel free to jump on the blog and send us a "whats up?" to encourage me to keep you up to date with prayer and life details.

Thank you all again so much, you are playing a part in God's story for us and we cannot say thank you enough.


Monday, August 4, 2008


just a note to give you a heads up on the mail outs. in our haste some of letters were sent without commitment cards. if you happen to be one on those lucky people and would like to make some sort of donation to the scholarship or general school expenses then let us know and we will send you the card! thanks. p&k

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Job and Class Update

Hey All,

Just wanted to update all of you on my job interview last week. The interview went great and I decided to take the job. It is at a cafe and catering business in town named "Laurey's." They are a very cool company and though I have never worked food service, I feel like they are going to be a great fit. I will only be working Monday's and Tuesdays. Also this week I was offered "when ever I need it," painting work by a friend in town. That was a blessing and a curse and a prayer request. The blessing because it is always good to have options in the back pocket for supporting my family, but a curse in that the since of responsibility to provide for my family makes me feel as if I have to take every money making opportunity that comes my way. I need prayer that I will learn to balance my fears about providing for my family with faith that God will provide enough so that I can study. Thanks to all of you who prayed and asked about the job situation.

A couple of other prayer things. Kassie is going to be in Atlanta from the 14th through the 17th of August for a couple of photo shoots, but would like to book a couple more while she is down there. So if you know anyone who is looking to get portraits of any kind done in the Atlanta area then consider suggesting that weekend to them. Every photo session that Echoes Photography does is that many more hours that I get to spend studying. Second request: GREEK! I received the material for my first online class in the mail just as we were going out of town for vacation 2 weeks ago. I though I would begin this past week but some construction work took more days than I had imagined and now I plan to being this coming week. 2 weeks have now ticked off my online timelines and needless to say I am a bit intimidated by the reality of getting started. I need your prayer to realize that God has been faithful in bringing me to this place and will be faithful in providing the ability to learn and study. This is just another time in life when I have to come to the realization that jumping out of the boat is my part, walking on the water is the Lords. Right now Greek looks like a pretty big ocean to cross. Please join us in prayer for my studies here at the beginning of school.

Thank you all more than words can say,